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“If you don’t control the water on your job, the water will control you.” This is something I learned a long time ago from the men who taught me always to do your best to protect your job site.
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Mass / Fine Grading

We use new Caterpillar equipment to reach our daily production goals often with 45-ton haul trucks and GPS dozers to cut to grade and fill to grade eliminating costly mistakes and improving efficiency.

On smaller, to mid-size projects, our brand new 326 excavator with a 2.5 cy bucket is the machine we use. When larger projects require more muscle, we will bring in a 336 or 349 excavator paired with large haul trucks to achieve production. We can take on projects ranging from just a few thousand cubic yards well over 100,000 cubic yards. We have completed several jobs in the 35-85 thousand cubic yard range while staying on or ahead of schedule.

We will flip a job over by identifying the best dirt on site and saving it for the top 2 to 3 feet in building pads and roads; this ensures that the additional 90 lb. dirt required for footers and subgrade under buildings is available and placed where it will benefit the project the most

When we grade for roads, we will box out 2 feet behind the curbs, and grade the yards and green areas during mass excavation. This way once the curb is poured, we will trim the subgrade and place the spoils in the 2’ area behind the curb. All of this helps speed up the completion schedule of a project.

Achieving density on all placed fill areas is imperative! You can only move dirt as fast as you can compact it in the fill areas for this we will set up two fill sites so that our haul trucks do not have to stop.

When we fine grade building pads we will set up a rotating laser and bench into the hub for finished floor elevation. Once the detail is known, we will dial in our receiving target and put the pad right on sub-grade.

Our attention to detail will help with any project when it comes to mass grading and fine grading our team of superintendents, grading foreman, and operators have over 129 years of grading knowledge and experience.

We can move your dirt and keep a project on schedule all while providing an honest approach to site work.

Mass Grading

  • GPS fully integrated technologically advanced equipment
  • GPS cut to grade and fill to grade
  • Lot and land clearing
  • Mining experience
  • New Caterpillar 326F excavator

Fine Grading

  • GPS fully integrated technologically advanced equipment
  • GPS cut and fill to grade
  • New D5 K2LGP
  • Grade pad site in half the time
  • Keeping site neat; attention to details
  • Footer excavation
  • Tilt up pads
  • Spilt Level pads



Lot Clearing

We specialize in protecting tree-save areas, making sure to stay out of the roots and limbs of the designated trees to be preserved. We always attempt to recycle trees by timbering available logs to the sawmill and cutting pulpwood. We grind limbs and haul off or spread the generated mulch, providing ground cover. When awarded a new project, we will bring in the foreman for our company and walk the project, always looking for potential issues with erosion and drainage. Before clearing any land, we will have the limits of disturbance clearly and professionally staked.


Basin Excavation/Erosion Control

From the civil plans, we accurately interpret the excavation and grading associated with each project. We pay particular attention to and take great care installing basins, spillways, riser structures, baffles, rock checks and more to obtain grading permits, which helps us move your project forward. We have developed excellent relationships with the erosion control inspectors in the area and have Level II DOT certification, Charlotte-Mecklenburg certification, and have been providing quality work in the area for many years.

Our experience ranges from NC DOT work and heavy highway permitted sites, to several multi-family locations in North Carolina and South Carolina, to single-family work.  We keep up with the erosion control requirements by being proactive, taking care of any issues as they arise and putting in additional controls before known heavy rain events.

We monitor basins and rock checks, silt fence, and slopes to maintain compliance with the permit and best management practices.

Often, we will monitor the radar and operate “rain ready” to help achieve maximum production, while being prepared for any thunderstorms or other rain events. In the wintertime we keep our roads up 4 to 6 inches to allow for wear and tear, only cutting to grade when the weather permits us to proof roll and cover the road or lot with ABC stone.

We utilize new Caterpillar equipment with fully integrated GPS to grade pads and streets and clean up pipe spoils behind our pipe crews. Keeping the workspace neat and clean always helps with the general appearance of the job, and it also assists with erosion control. When a project is kept tidy, the water can flow across the designed cross slope and reach the inlet protection, thus making the job dewater more quickly. This helps the job to dry out faster with the goal of getting back to work as soon as possible.


  • Silt fence
  • High hazard silt fence
  • Temporary swale grading
  • Tree save fence
  • Type C rock checks
  • Special drain outlets
  • Erosion control matting
  • Basins
  • Forebays
  • Sand filters
  • Core trench/dams
  • Slope work
  • Rock check dams
  • Waddles
  • Coir fiber baffles
  • Skimmers
  • Hydroseeding and matting

Site Utilities

  • Storm Drainage
  • Water
  • Sewer

Full-Service Construction

Attention to Detail

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